Employee Verification Solutions

Employment, Education, License & Reference Verification

Employment Verification

Verifications are obtained by direct contact with supervisor or through the Human Resources department. Information regarding the name of employer, address, dates employed, last salary, job title(s), job performance, a reason for leaving, eligibility for rehire, and other pertinent job-related details are included as available and compared to information provided. Customizing questions researched is available per client.

Reported in 24 – 72 hours – Employer verification fees are passed on as charged

Reference Verification

Whether it is a personal and professional reference CIC provides objective, reliable and comprehensive information for the employer. Customizing questions to obtain certain data is available per client.

Reported in 24 – 72 hours

Education Verification

The extensive educational database allows CIC to reach the right contact at most schools quickly, and ensure CIC complies with the institution’s requirements to obtain the information swiftly. If the candidate is currently a student, an inquiry is made of current student status, dates of attendance, date of planned completion, fields of study, credits earned, and whether or not he/she has applied for graduation.

Reported in 24 – 72 hours – Education, verification fees, are passed on as charged

Professional License Verification

Verification is conducted through state governing boards, professional associations or source needed to validate the license. Data obtained usually consist of a type of license issued, expiration date and any restrictions, disciplinary actions or sanctions attached to the license.

Reported in 24-48 hours

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